Thanks to a community of conscious consumers - we are screening the Internet on a daily basis, in search of the coolest and most sustainable Brands. We call them Positive Brands. Once aggregated in our database, they enter a vetting process where we assess their level of engagement regarding the 6  following impacts.

For a Brand to enter our Search Engine, we require them to take clear and documented actions on -at least- two (2) of the following positive impacts: 
Our 6 Positive Impacts
Products are manufactured without involving any animals.
Fair living wages, social policy and no child labor in the process of production.
Products involved natural and clean ingredients that are ethically sourced.
Production is managed to reduce Waste, Chemicals, Water and Energy.
The Brand shares its profit with a
non-for-profit organization
Anything that has been made from already existing materials, fabrics or fibers.
Below is a list of some of the Organizations, Standards and Labels we trust, here at Meaning. We DO NOT partner with any of these Organizations, allowing ourselves to exclude from this list any labels at any time, should we have concerns regarding their methodology.

Meaning is all about community, so anyone can reach out to us, to suggest us another Organization or a Label. We will then get in touch with them to assess their practices prior to adding them to our list.
Trust is Everything
We consider Brands share their practices in good faith. But this might not be always the case. So we rely on our community of users to suggest or report Brands. If you consider a Brand does not comply with our Charter of 6 Positive Impacts, you can REPORT them using the following form.
Report an Organization